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I was privileged to have been invited to be a apart of the ANZHP team from my good friend Ken Smith and Sunny Sun.

I joined the team to Qingdao China and spent most of the trip with the team it was truly inspirational. Ken and Sunny have worked really hard to put Australia in the spotlight of China.

Professionally, Ken Smith Former speaker of the legislative assembly (VIC) President of Australia China Business Council (VIC)

The Introduction One Stop Shop to their 1.3 billion customers.

I arrived home , sat down in my favourite chair, and happily sighed  “there’s no place like home”.  I had just returned from another international business trip where I spent a week in China and a week in Europe attending exhibitions,  connecting with manufacturers and array of business owners and operators.

The first leg of my trip originated in China attending and being a part of Australia and New Zealand Complementary Health Product Association Expo (ANZHP) team.  I was travelling with over 20 other Australian and New Zealand owned businesses and manufactures to launch and promote Australian products.

To IMPLEMENT the guidelines of the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement

Last year 2016 What We Did More than 160 Australian enterprises exhibited over 2000 Australian Products.

  • Famous and popular Brands such as Blackmores Ltd, Swisse, PharmaCare, DPP Pharmaceuticals etc.
  • Products include: Health supplements, Commodity, Wine, Health food, Cosmetics, Skin Care, Maternity and
    Baby/Dairy Products, Medical Equipments, Pet Food, Real Estate etc.

Keys To A Winning Team

As every successful entrepreneur knows, human capital is the greatest asset of any company. A dream team makes it possible to accomplish powerful objectives, while providing deeper and richer career satisfaction along the way. But human resources can also be the biggest liability, and that is too often blamed on the personnel themselves – not on the people whose job it is to hire them. One of the biggest complaints of business owners is that they cannot find qualified, competent help. To cure that problem they need to realize first and foremost that the people they get are the ones they deserve.

3… 2… 1… Lift-off!

Garrards saw the launch of it’s new look website helping users get from one place to the next without skipping our most important content.

Our menu section has been split and our site content cut into three places. We now have ‘Solutions’, ‘Services’ and ‘Products’  – if you’d like to know more about what we do and how we can help you and your business, then our solutions pages can help, if you’d like to know about the things we make, then go to our services page, and if you’d like to know about the products we import and distribute, then go to the products page.