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Of all businesses, it’s assumed retail might be the most basic, well so you thought.  Retail is one of the most enjoyable, yet one of the most challenging.  Abiding by  fundamental retail and business principals, creating a unique selling point, establishing your brand and values, marketing and managing staff.  Retail is the final link in a supply chain that gets a product or service to a customer. 

Why choose Garrards London as your retail consultant?  We tackle strategic, operational, financial, product, marketing and organisation issues.  Our success lies with our experience and expertise, Garrards retail portfolio spans more than thirty years, operating large scale retail department stores, property development and merchandise branding.  Garrards London have a hands on approach and get to know all facets of the business to deliver cost savings through operational improvements, providing training and facilitating exclusive to your needs. Garrards offer Business Solution, whether your business is big or small, new or old, we provide and deliver service and solutions to all facets of business. Our varied skills and services are incorporated from experience through businesses of our own.   

How do you increase profits, attract new customers, market you business and build a brand? Is one landlord of a shopping centre right for you or is shopping street focussing on providing a out standing experience more appropriate for your business.

Understanding and focusing on some of the fundamentals you need to know, Garrards London can direct you with.

– Management  – Market  – Money  – Momentum

– Product  – Price  – Place  – Promotion

These very old principles still have validity.  These retail principles will help you understand the overall foundations of a retail business and are basic foundations of a successful retail business.  Retailers who don’t keep up, or work too hard in the business rather than on it, get pushed out of the way. 

Steven offers tailored coaching and consulting as a professional Principal. Steven has a proven program to help with business owners and career direction. He uses outstanding assessment and within 3 meetings a full comprehensive career plan with short and long term options is created.

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