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so you know what you are trying to achieve


so you know when you have achieved it!


so you can DO something about it!


so it IS achievable


has a deadline

We don’t just grow your business; we grow you to be business-minded

Garrards has the knowledge of the market, strategy and delivery processes required to add value to your business and assets.  Our group of consultants don’t let computers do all the work to get to know ‘You’ and your business, we make the time and effort to understand what ‘You’ and your business needs, and we get it done.  With years of experience in all facets of business, we know how to create long term value.  We are committed to delivering the best possible outcomes; whether economic, social or environmental. At Garrards London we consult real people to achieve real results.  We are highly skilled and have a track record of delivering success across complex leasing, financial and branding matters.

  • We provide CLARITY and ascertain why a company is under performing and what needs to change;
  • We implement CONTROL structures, systems and processes that creates measurable framework;
  • Clarity and Control deliversCONFIDENCE to make right decisions.  Confidence to grow and achieve results.
Business Consulting

Consulting Services

  • Business Start Up & Branding; Help you develop the concept, the brand, identify target market and set up your business
  • Business Reviews; Diagnostics, business, financial and system health checks
  • Maximise Performance; Structures, systems and workflow
  • Planning; Planning for Profit and Growth
  • Identify your personal goals; We will identify your personal goals and align them with your business objectives
  • Support, Mentoring and Training; Drive, motivate, coach, train and ensure your continued success
  • Increase the value of your greatest asset… Your Business
  • Get the Business working for you, not you working for the business
  • SOS & Snag Strategies; Help provide a  solution to any business disruption, stress or hitch, Whether stressed circumstances are financial, legal, staff or product orientated
  • Exit Planning and Strategy; Help you consider the many different options in the Renewal or Harvest/Exit stage.
Business Consulting

Services at all stages of your business cycle


1. Client Consultancy:   Australia  –  China  –  Greece  –  New Zealand  –  Taiwan:  

  • New markets (International and local)
  • New business investments
  • Project Management
  • Marketing
  • Licence Agreements
  • Agency Sales Agreements
  • Distribution Channels
  • Business Concept Development and Actioning
  • Website Development
  • Trademark Acquisition



Taiwanese Business Diversification

Consultancy and advice on business diversification to ease a Taiwanese company’s reliance on continuing to manufacture one core product line (which was becoming overly competitive and expensive to operate); led to the construction of a 100,000 square metre manufacturing plant for packaging materials for licenced brands and the subsequent opening of new local and international markets.

Chinese Business Expansion

Design and delivery of a strategic business plan enabled a Chinese manufacturer to gain entry into the Australian market place. Current interest shows potential growth in the region of $150million per annum and volume expectations to exceed Australian imports of 1.5billion units, per annum.

80% Saving on Packaging Materials for a European Manufacturer

Sourced and procured an alternative supplier of packaging materials for a prominent Greek food manufacturer. Negotiations secured a saving of 80% on previous packaging supplies.


Export and Import Program

Garrards Exporting and Importing Program is where we can help you with absolutely everything we can think to enable you to import and export your product and your business faster and more successfully, building a business you can be proud of.

Garrards London specializes in international business development assisting companies to expand or create new export and import opportunities. 

We provide sales and marketing expertise to emerging global companies in their pursuit to bring quality products and services to the market. 
We offer business solutions to the importer and exporter needing to secure their products or establish a presence in global market.   We also work closely with companies that provide Logistic Services, Cargo Services and Custom Clearing Services.

Garrards London team of experts work with you personally one-on-one to help you prepare absolutely everything you need to Import or Export your business.  Our team works with you strategizing your import or export business structures, your marketing, branding, organisation structure, countries, corporate structure, budgets, legal documents, operations and procedures manuals*, training program, recruitment package and advice, import and export support.

You give us the information and we do the work!

  • Brand Identity
  • Marketing
  • Building a Brand Internationally: What You Need to Expand
  • Make Sure You Have a Market
  • Make Sure You Can Deliver
  • Packaging Requirements
  • Trademarks and Domain Names


  • Big brand multimedia marketing campaign management in print, digital and direct-mail mediums
  • Merchandising and product promotion
  • Loyalty Reward Program-  development and activation
  • Sales training and professional development 

The problem is, Customers see this:


The challenge is to stand out


Garrards London apply innovative brand strategy and guidelines to your business. Whether in start-up, growth or maturity business phase, we create company designs, packaging and identities. Our knowledge, experience and methodology helps our clients convert leads and generate sales.

We believe that design is an investment rather than a cost which is why our clients retain Garrards London. Our creative and project management staff have the skills and drive to help our clients achieve exceptional results. We work in close partnership with our clients to ensure all projects progress efficiently and provide a tangible return on investment.

Branding involves what people think about your business and your products. You must think of a brand as a reputation, which helps companies build their brands. Building a reputation in any market, including internationally, involves a first impression, which comes from the initial interactions someone has with your company, products and services.


A strategic marketing plan helps you identify your customers and competitors and develop a strategy to make your business stand out. It helps you to integrate your total marketing effort and ensures a structured approach to developing products and services that meet and satisfy your customer’s needs.  Garrards London will ascertain the core direction of the company and align it to your business goals and target markets.


In starting a new business or seeking to increase growth at your current business, establishing and building a brand identity becomes essential.    Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that will attract and retain loyal customers.

Garrards London will help your business discover a unique image for your business or product in the consumers mind,  with a consistent theme.

Garrards London

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