Business has taken me far and wide, being able to see the world and a ray of cultures and people.  Travelling was always something I loved to do, I think it’s the Australian way, we’re not afraid to broaden our minds and horizons, interact and connect.  I’m grateful to live in this multicultural country, full of diverse people and opportunities.  There are moments in time and events that occur that we will never forget. Most Important Events of the Century, we recall exactly where we were and what we were doing when world changing events happen.

As with countless international business trips I had taken, I was excited to be abroad and this trip had taken me to United States of America, where I had secured meetings with licenced international apparel and accessory brands.   

September 11 2001; Unknowingly the days events would change the world as I stood in the iconic site of New York where I observed the devastating event of collapse of the second tower.  The city of over 8 million people was in chaos , noise of loud sirens, people screaming and running in all directions.  This moment in time will stay with me and with millions all over the world. 

Police instructed me along with countless amount of people, to turn away and leave the devastating site we were all so close to.  I made my way back to the hotel, where I had to show identification and passport before being permitted in.  Once inside, the lobby was filled with people and this is where we all were to stay for the next several hours, the waiting and not knowing was the toughest time.

The next few days were very stressful, more stressful than anything I’d ever been through. Suddenly every problem in my life became insignificant, and my heart was with the victims.  I feel lucky, but I’m very saddened about everything that happened. They say the best way to fight terrorism is to work hard and get on with life. Maybe this blog is part of that process. 

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