Business Freedom

Ultimately, the goal is not to run a successful business but to own a successful business. The idea is not to work in a profitable business but to work on a profitable business – not to go to work on a daily basis but to have the business go to work for us on a daily basis.

Whether you are already established in your business or you are still sitting on the entrepreneurial fence, Business Freedom is making the important transition from self employment to true business ownership.

If you’re like most small business owners you probably started your business thinking that it would bring you a lifestyle of freedom but instead you feel trapped:

  • You can’t take time off
  • You work longer hours than your employees, in fact, you probably feel like you can’t work any harder
  • You’ve got staffing issues
  • You don’t seem to have any time for your family or to do the things you love to do
  • You are constantly working in the business and not on the business
  • You just don’t know what to do to get back in control and get your life back.

It is important that you know your business from end to end and create processes and steps.   Plan and introduce systems to all roles , and streamline the work so it doesn’t depend on you.   By doing this, you could train others to do the work which will free you up to work on the business, rather than in it.

Take a moment to ask yourself the following questions, it may help to write the answers down. 

  • How can I free up more time for my personal life
  • What are my processes for hiring and retaining the very best people,
  • How can I develop great communication skills and systems; Who is going to do the work? How EXACTLY will they do it? What EXACTLY will they do?
  • What do I need to do or who do I need to see that can help in doubling my sales marketing
  • Where can I meet and connect with amazing people and form lasting relationships
  • How do I anticipate and take advantage of business icebergs
  • Expand your comfort zones and take your business and your life to new heights

If you would like any further advice then contact me here at or 0439 964 020.

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