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Be the disruptor in an industry and the challenger

I built my business to deliver brand & savings enabling me to take on the big players Myer and David Jones..

What business are you in? What emotion are you tapping into?

I am in commercial real estate business simply providing a therapy into people’s lifestyle & dreams.

The biggest asset you have is your time and ability to work in a business

If you’re willing to invest that, you want the return.

Value your time, expertise and ability to grow and lead a business.

Have you ever failed in your business life?

If you fail, have you got enough fight in you as a leader to recover?

Who would you rather back – a front-runner or a fighter? I always back fighters. 


Coaching for Performance

The truth is, most of the strategies used to increase performance don’t work.

They are ineffective, we don’t blame the strategy or ourselves, we blame the individual, letting them go, saying “I told them what to do, what more could I do?”

Having coached in  my own business  environments for 30 years, I would love to show you some tricks I use.

At Garrards Retail Services we clarify, consult and present structures and systems to organisations and individuals that will enhance business and your personal goal performance. 

We don’t just grow your business;

We grow you to be business-minded.

An Atitude of Hard Work, Commitment and Purpose

I was privileged to have been invited to be a apart of the ANZHP team from my good friend Ken Smith and Sunny Sun.

I joined the team to Qingdao China and spent most of the trip with the team it was truly inspirational. Ken and Sunny have worked really hard to put Australia in the spotlight of China.

Professionally, Ken Smith Former speaker of the legislative assembly (VIC) President of Australia China Business Council (VIC)

The Introduction One Stop Shop to their 1.3 billion customers.

I arrived home , sat down in my favourite chair, and happily sighed  “there’s no place like home”.  I had just returned from another international business trip where I spent a week in China and a week in Europe attending exhibitions,  connecting with manufacturers and array of business owners and operators.

The first leg of my trip originated in China attending and being a part of Australia and New Zealand Complementary Health Product Association Expo (ANZHP) team.  I was travelling with over 20 other Australian and New Zealand owned businesses and manufactures to launch and promote Australian products.